Prose & Poetry 2023

A Not-so Serious Conundrum


This morning

even though

not so long ago

I lost my entire life


I look today

pleases my soul

and my eye


Not only the garden

where tiny birds dance

from blossoming tree 

to blossoming tree

but also the kitchen

of this old house

not old enough 

to be priceless

just old enough

to be cheap


which was why

my son could claim it

for the experimental family

into which he 

has kindly invited me

to spend my 

waning years,

a proposal to which,

having recently died,

I recently 

kindly agreed


So here I am

putting down roots

doing tasks I believe

will be well-received

that I also happen

to enjoy

though I should 

probably ask

if they could at least

pile the plates

and wipe away 

the grease


The thing is

I do sympathize

with the flustered folk

who populate 

this enterprise

for it’s easy to see

that they’re frantic 

with work

and the need

to chase children

and the fear

of not reaching

their Destiny


And being 

a bit of a pushover

and not much 

of a one

for a fight

it’s easy for me

to excuse them

for forgetting again

and leaving behind 

this crumb-laden chaos

that so patiently waits 

to be purified 

in the peace

of the morning light


While this situation

perversely inflames

a mild outrage 

in my brain, 

bringing order 

out of chaos 

also gratifies me -

I enjoy the process

of beautification,

and my righteousness

is happy

as happy can be.


So while plenty

doubtless remains

to be said,

out of the morning

the day unfolds

in random bursts 

of gratitude

and who knows what else

the future 

might hold?


it could be anything 


But I really like

this rumor I’ve heard

though I admit

I’ve far from 


That out beyond

the fear of death

there’s a crazy place

where you just 

say Yes

and that strangely

this always 

seems to turn out

for the best.


Outcry for Peace


Dear Inner God

and all the gods and Guides

who hold and make this world,

take us home we plead,

for we are ready to give up 

this sorry struggle

for control


Deliver us 

from Demon War

who springs up within us

fully formed

and foaming at the mouth

from the fear we feel

when we fail

to feel you near


Teach us instead to see 

within ourselves 

and all around

in every place we live and breathe

your calm and shining presence 

your world of deepest peace


Teach us each and all as one

to walk together

and alone

in all the ways of peace


Teach us to speak only peace

to give and to receive only peace

to stand strong together for peace

to live and die for peace


Let us tolerate war no more

in any form

within us, among us,

or around us 

on this our Earth

or anywhere

in all your Sacred Universe.